Stocking Considerations Most Florida ponds only support warm water fish species like largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish and channel catfish year round. Trout require cold water temperatures (less than 70° F) and high oxygen levels. Many warm water pond owners across the Florida are enjoying seasonal trout fishing by stocking catchable fish in October and harvesting

What is Algae in Ponds?   Algae in ponds is often a catch-all for all aquatic plants and aquatic plant related problems. this page separates the two for this reason. Not all aquatic plants are algae in ponds. Also, not all algae is created equal when it comes to how desirable or undesirable it is in

Using the Guppy for Mosquito Control can be a Beautiful and Environmentally Safe Option. By Thomas R. Reich PhD, Ichthyologist     Of all the species of fish aquarium enthusiasts breed, the Guppy, without a doubt, is the most popular, most admired, and the prized favorite of breeders, both beginner, advanced and commercial.  No aquarium

A SHORT HISTORY OF THE GUPPY By Thomas R. Reich PhD   While goldfish have been kept as pets for hundreds of years, the tropical fish hobby owes its great success to the comical little Guppy – the first “tropical” fish to gain widespread popularity.  After more than half a century of cultivation, the Guppy

Aquarium Fish that make Summer Ponds Better! By Thomas R. Reich PhD     Aquarium fish do not always have to be kept in heated tanks under totally controlled environments.  Many native fish of temperate and sub-tropical climates are species of tropical fish can be kept and will thrive and breed in outdoor ponds if

There are so many reasons to add one or a variety of, floating fountains to a large pond or small lake.  Even larger lakes can benefit from a series of fountains.  There are several varieties of fountains even some that are solar powered.  Here are some of the benefits of floating fountains:      

A Different Kind of Mosquito Control

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A Different Kind of Mosquito control: Aquarium Fish in Backyard Ponds   By: Thomas R. Reich PhD Ichthyologist     In temperate zones, many of the livebearers seen in home aquariums can be bred during the summer in garden pools and ponds.  The Mollies are particularly suited to this and produce extra-fine specimens, as long as

Pond Management: Native Fish that help Control Mosquito Population By: Thomas R. Reich PhD   Central Florida has literally thousands of ponds and lakes, and once had one of the nation’s worst mosquito population problems.  One of the ways many communities have controlled the mosquito population without the ever invasive pesticides and aerial spraying barrages

Ekkwell Water Life Resources Pond Fish Farms By: Ichthyologist Thomas R. Reich PhD   No journey into the world of Florida Ponds and their uses could possibly be complete until we discover where all those fish we see in our local pet store come from!  Dr. Thomas R Reich, PhD Ichthyologist takes us on a